Shuffle Banner Stand Close-Out Deal Only $145

We are running a great deal on one of our banner stands.  The Shuffle banner stand(click this link to see the product) is one that we are no longer going to offer once we run out of inventory.  We have about 100 units left.  It is a great banner stand, but due to a variety of supplier related issues we will not be able to offer it once we run out of inventory.  Which is bad for us, but good for our Displayit at Church clients.  Here are a couple different pictures of the display

The shuffle banner stand has a very cool feature.  It actually has a cartridge that allows you to swap-out different graphics.  So you could actually order 1 shuffle banner stand base, with a graphic print for $145.00 and you can order two extra cartridges with prints for $95 each. We have about 200 cartridges left in stock.   This would allow you to showcase 3 different graphics as you need them.  Total cost for 1 base with 3 cartridges and 3 prints is only $335.  Here are a couple pictures(Click for larger images) so you can see what the banner, graphic prints and cartridge look like.

Shuffle_Banner_Stand_Black_Base_Back_lg Shuffle_Banner_Stand_Swapping_Cartridge_Steps_lg shuffle3




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