Custom Table Covers Add Life to Mobile Church Environment

A few of our staff are involved with a mobile church in the Suwanee, GA called Rising Church.  Rising meets at a High School and it does not have an on-site storage container or a large trailer so they are limited in the number of large counters or portable displays than can setup each week.  Since they meet in a cafeteria, they do have a lot of lunch room tables.  They asked us to create some custom table throw covers for 12 foot  lunch room tables.  They really turned out well and added a lot of life to the space they meet in each week.  Here’s a picture of one they are using in their main welcome area:

photoEveryone at the church has been amazed at how much life the table cover add to the welcome area.  The best part about using a table cover is it takes up hardly any storage space.  The setup crew just folds the covers up and they pack nice and small.

We plan on doing 4 covers in total to cover different 12′ lunch room tables.  We can produce full printed table covers like this for a variety of different sized and shaped table covers.  If you are interested in having us produce some custom printed table covers for your church, just e-mail us at or call us at 800-207-0311.

We have some standard pricing for table covers on our website, but we can offer some better deals even for custom items, especially if you are ordering more than 1 table cover.

All of our printed fabrics are produced right here at our Buford, GA production facility.  We can even do large fabric backdrops.  Let us know how we can be a blessing to your ministry.

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