5 Simple Lightweight Display Ideas for Mobile Churches

A large number of our Displayit at Church clients meet in mobile church environments.   They come to us with the goal of transforming a school or other large and lifeless space into a welcoming and attractive environment for church.  It’s a huge challenge to say the least.

There are a large variety of display products that can add life to a dull environment, but often times mobile churches don’t have the budget, space for storage, or the volunteers needed to setup large complex and expensive displays.

So we wanted to share 5 Simple Lightweight Display Ideas that are affordable, portable and easy to setup:


1.  The Banner Stand –  The portable banner stand is an essential item for any mobile church, these banners simply pull up from the base of the stand like a reverse projector screen and can instantly provide directional signage or simply convey information.  These are very affordable and weigh less than 14 lbs. each.


2. Fully Printed Table Covers –  Nothing is lighter than the printed table cover.  You can produce covers sized for custom tables and turn standard lunch room tables into cool guest services counters, like the one we made for Rising Church in Suwanee, GA.  They used this to turn a 12′ lunch room table into their guest services counter


3. Case to Counter Conversion Kit – This product serves two purposes.  This is actually a storage case that converts into a podium counter.  You can use these to store banner stands or other supplies and materials, then you can convert into an attractive podium counter.


4. Outdoor Feather Flags – You’ll need some signage outside to let people know where you are.  Instead of using a bulky sign that is hard to store and set up, try using some lightweight feather flags that are super light, easy to store, and set up.


5. A Frame Signs – The A-Frame signs are a little heavier than the other products we’ve shown, but they are essential for direction in the parking lot and for use directing visitors to your different environments.  The printed graphics attach via velcro and they are easy to swap back and forth.


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