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What’s the difference between a visitor and a guest? Two proven facts about Guests…

What’s the difference between a visitor and a guest? It is the difference between never missing another Sunday or never coming back.   Sure, we use the terms interchangeably, but a visitor VISITED, and that’s the end.  A guest visited, returned,

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Guests will leap from an adequate visit to a “WOW!” experience when your church “gets it.

Society tells us that adequate is good (enough). For churches, adequate should just be the starting point, and never good enough. Mark Waltz, Pastor of Connections at Granger Church, says that every church should make it their goal to have

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I’m Bev Manson and it’s with unconstrained excitement that I get the privilege of sharing decades of experience and knowledge about creatively conquering ministry challenges through the Displayit at Church monthly email. Displayit at Church caters to the display needs

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