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I’m Bev Manson and it’s with unconstrained excitement that I get the privilege of sharing decades of experience and knowledge about creatively conquering ministry challenges through the Displayit at Church monthly email. Displayit at Church caters to the display needs of churches by continually developing new products, at a great price to help in all areas of ministry.

When you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll be privy to my personal notes and scripts from the “Make them say “WOW” from the Street to the Seat” seminars that I’ve presented to churches who are dedicated to making an impact in their community.

When you join our mailing list, you can expect a monthly email with
* great ministry tips
* a video of a popular display product, and it’s uses
* special promo codes not offered on our website,
* discount prices on featured inventory
* ideas of how to use display products to communicate
* feedback from other churches on what’s working for them (and what’s not).
and whatever else becomes important to share with our very valued mail list.

This mailing list has become the primary way that Displayit at Church can continue
to offer special pricing along with valuable information, so make sure you sign up.
Excited to be sharing,

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