Give a “Mystery Visitor” this assignment to gauge if your church is really Welcoming.

Of course you love your church and know everyone is welcome there.  But, do visitors feel the welcome? Are your first-time Visitors NOT returning for a second visit because of some small, correctable distraction?

A tried and true way to get honest, unbiased feedback is to ask a friend (or even better, a friend of a friend of a friend, who won’t worry about hurting your feelings) to act as a “Mystery Visitor”. Provide them with a prepared questionnaire and ask them to complete it immediately after a visit to your church.  Tell them to use each “sense” for it to make “sense”!

Areas of concern:
Sight: Upon entering, was the facility pleasing to you? Was the signage readable? Did the church, parking lot and campus look neat and appealing?
Smell: Was the smell upon entering pleasing? Too much coffee smell, old musty church smell, diaper pail smell in the hallway of the nursery?
Taste: If coffee and doughnuts were offered, was the coffee high quality and hot? Was creamer, sugar and sugar substitute provided? Were the doughnuts fresh and appetizing? If serving coffee and food is not applicable at your church, should it be?
Touch: Were the pew/chairs comfortable and spaced well for leg room and sitting and standing comfortably?
Hearing: Was the music too loud, the sermon volume too low? Did the air conditioner squeak ? Could you hear the shouts of children through the walls or a flushing toilet during prayer?
People: Were the staff and volunteers dressed appropriately and wearing name tags, vests or uniforms to indicate that they are leaders? Were they well trained and informed about current events and ministry locations?
Misc.: Did you feel invisible, unwelcome, or alone during your visit?
Was there anything that kept you distracted or dissatisfied during your visit?

With all the hard work that you put into ministry, don’t lose a soul to what Jesus has to offer because of something that is a mystery. Don’t let feedback be your setback.

Bev Manson
Blessed with the gift of gab and hospitality, Bev served as a staff member for a fast-growing church  for almost a decade. Discovering her talent for helping people step out of their comfort zone, she began recruiting volunteers to serve in Children’s Ministry.  As the church grew, her focus became the influx of visitors and the need to make sure they didn’t get lost in the growth. For this, she developed a full team of trained volunteers to create the “WOW,  from the Street to the Seat”. Her success with this program lead to speaking engagements at churches across North Georgia, prompting a string of WOW experiences!   Now, as Marketing Manager for Displayit at Church, she loves sharing her tips, tricks and ideas, that can make a real difference.  “We’re all on the same team, the Jesus team.  Let’s work together for the greater good!”

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