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Don’t depend on your church bulletin to make your upcoming announcements

Today’s focus: One of the challenges every church staffer faces; how to promote (advertise), or make an announcement about an upcoming event, class or service so that people will take interest and attend.   Answer: Cross promotion. “Some” people will

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People who have integrity, know it. The question is, if you don’t have it, do you know it?

Integrity, or lack of, used to show in panic situations. You know, like when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and tourist who were stuck in a closed-up store left cash for the food they ate for three days while in

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National Back to Church Sunday is September 20, 2015

Every church accepts that worship attendance is cyclical, even if they report “average” attendance to level out the numbers. A few years ago, researchers asked Pastors to track attendance and report the four highest attended services of the year. 93%

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Quickie “Create a Genuine Welcome” Checklist

Basic hospitality seems simple enough, but it’s the psychology of it that gets tricky when churches use a hit-or-miss/hodgepodge plan (no plan at all!) for welcoming visitors. For example: Are you supplying self-serve coffee to everyone, or is the Welcome

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Bev’s Basics for Good Signage Design

The #1 mistake when creating a sign is putting too much information on it! It’s natural to want to put everything in one place, but most signage is quickly scanned, and details are easily missed. Signs are meant to be

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Five Minute Crash Course in Hospitality, get ready for Easter visitors!

Easter Sunday is just days away. Considered to be the largest single church attendance day of each year, some churches report that attendance more than doubles on Easter, and other churches report the necessity of adding additional services to handle

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It’s True! Nobody Reads anymore… are you reading this?

I recently found a really well written, creative blog, at I was searching for statistics on  research about how many “church goers” read the printed bulletin, printed weekly newsletter (snail mail) or even email blasts. My question was whether

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Never trivialize the importance of Hospitality

Entire books have been written on the importance of Hospitality in the Church, from “First Impressions:Creating WOW Experiences in Your Church (Mark Waltz) to Radical Hospitality (Rev Robert Schnase). Somehow, over time, between the book of Hebrews “Do not forget

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The New Year’s Resolutions to “Get back to church” have kicked in. Are you ready?

A few years ago, researchers asked Pastors to track attendance and report the six highest attended services of the year. 93% said Easter Sunday has the highest attendance, followed by Christmas (84%), and Mother’s Day at 59%. The 4th highest

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Four major Reasons People are leaving the church… and how to win them back.

I recently read a great blog from Group Publishing on a new book entitled WHY NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE, by Thom and Joani Schultz. I wholeheartedly agreed with the authors, and continue to support the idea of

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